Purchasing a Piano

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Having a quality instrument at home is an important part of your musical progress, since the majority of your time learning the piano will be spent on this instrument. A well maintained grand or upright piano is preferred, as practice on these instruments will prepare you to succeed in performing on most concert pianos. An electric keyboard or digital piano is not a workable substitute for an acoustic instrument—the way the instrument responds to your touch is quite different. Electronic instruments are only acceptable as temporary solutions while you do the necessary preparation and search for a long-term piano. If you feel lost looking for an instrument, I can probably help you narrow down the choices. Let me know if you have any questions—choosing a piano is a big decision, and not one to rush into uninformed!

Once you’ve got a suitable instrument, some regular maintenance is required. Have it tuned by an expert piano technician about twice a year with the change in seasons, and ask your technician about keeping the humidity regulated near the piano. Maintaining a good environment can add years to your piano’s life and keep it better in tune as well.

Taking Care of Your Piano
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